Utility Management Simulation Game

The Utility Management Simulation Game (UMSG) has been designed as a learning tool to develop awareness and knowledge of the processes of strategic planning within utilities. The game can be used as a team building or learning exercise for students, utility staff or other water professionals. The UMSG is played with a facilitator or trainer who guides discussions on how decisions, trade-offs and actions play out in everyday business practices, and throws in some surprise elements. The game draws from real cases and practical experience of experts, which allows participants to experience utilities’ decision making dilemmas in a safe environment.

How it works

Within a (water) utility, managers are tasked with achieving numerous, often conflicting objectives: full service coverage, high water quality, service affordability, adequate infrastructure operation and maintenance, HR management, bankability. Achieving these objectives simultaneously is tough and often involves foreseeing potential consequences and making trade-offs on investment and priorities. The UMSG groups players into teams of 4, with each player taking on the role of either a General, Financial, Commercial or Operational manager to run a utility for 10 years. Based on data from a real utility from a developing country, players must work together to make strategic decisions on the best way forward to improve key performance indicators. Up to 4 teams can play at once and compete (or just explore) how their decisions result in often unexpected outcomes.

Can you keep the utility from going bankrupt? Will service quality bring in more financial resources? What happens when your assumptions change? See how you would cope by playing the game.

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Utility Management Simulation Game

Contact: Andres Cabrera Flamini